Mentorship Program








  • Maximize your resources during college application process
  • Achieve your personal goals – in higher education, career development, and personal success
  • Become part of a Taiwanese international student community


Beyond Taiwan is dedicated to level the playing field of higher education internationally. We are excited to launch this 1-1 mentorship program to help Taiwanese high school students achieve personal success in overseas college application process. 


  • Get paired up (or request one!) with the mentor that can best help you succeed
  • Spend up to 1 hr/week of face-to-face time with your mentor
  • Work closely with a mentor who has been through the non-Taiwanese college application process

Our Mentors

Our Mentees

Becoming a Mentor

Join Beyond Taiwan’s mentor community! Read about our mentor guidelines and responsibilities in our Mentor Handbook.

Sign up for the January cycle has closed. More information about the next cycle will be announced soon. Follow our @instagram for updates!

A strong and flexible network with mentors who always have understanding and insightful advice!

You have given me advice that no one has ever given me but was helpful indeed. You really tried to know my situation and help me find my strength. Thank you.

I couldn’t imagine myself handling the process without the program.