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Beyond Taiwan Online College Fair

Date/Time: June 12th 9:00am-12:00pm
Location: Online on Remo!

“I want to apply to universities abroad, but I have so many questions…”

“Information on the internet is miscellaneous. It would be nice if I knew alumni to ask from…”

College Fair大學博覽會,建立一個讓你與來自27間美加頂尖大學的校方代表及學長姐互動的平台!透過詢問insiders,解決你對國外大學的疑惑以及網路難以得到全面資訊。希望幫助你了解各個大學的校園文化、學術風氣、學生生活、申請經驗等,提供你一個認識校友並尋求幫助的寶貴機會。
Online college fair, a platform for you to interact with admission officers and alumni from 27 US and Canada’s top universities! By inquiring insiders, you get to solve your concerns through comprehensive information that is hard to obtain on the internet. We hope to help you get to know the cultures, lifestyles, application experiences, etc. of different schools better. Spaces are limited.

Past Events

SAT Workshop

Date/Time: Mar. 19th 4:30pm-5:40pm
Location: Taipei First Girls’ High School

Beyond Taiwan與北一女中合作,邀請兩位自北一女畢業的學姐帶領大家認識SAT考試並分享自己的準備經驗與技巧。掌握解題技巧、善用學習工具。
In partnership with TFG, we have invited two speakers who graduated from TFG to introduce you to the SAT and share their studying experience and tips.

Unfiltered: Study Abroad 101

Date/Time: Dec. 19th 2pm-4pm
Location: Taipei First Girls’ High School
Countries: USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, France, Taiwan

Beyond Taiwan與北一女中合作,舉辦的第一個in-person活動。邀請來自六大國家的留學生學長姐在12/19站上舞台,和你們分享出國留學大小事。
Beyond Taiwan has teamed up with Taipei First Girls’ High School to host our first in-person event. Inviting six college students from six different countries, we aim to show you the black and white of everything- from the application process to student life, there’s no holding back.

College Application Checklist

Date/Time: Oct. 18th (Sunday) 8pm-9pm
Location: Online Webinar

Beyond Taiwan 的學長姐們精心設計九個小撇步讓各位申請者做最後的修正及調整。活動也包含small group Q&A 小組時間。

Beyond Taiwan designed an Application Checklist: 9 tips and tricks for you to make some last-minute corrections and an intimate small group Q&A session afterwards.

College List Workshop

Date/Time: Jul. 18th (Saturday) 7:30-8:30 PM
Location: Online Webinar

Upperclassmen from Beyond Taiwan walks applicants through the process of creating a “college list” and finding your best fit.

Beyond Taiwan 的學長姐手把手教你如何選校、列出申請清單,讓你往世界名校更進一步!

Online Workshops & Seminars

College application can be confusing and tiring. We host online workshops and seminars to guide students through the college application process.

Our past events include:

  • US College Application Overview
  • College List Workshop
  • College Application CheckList
  • Unfiltered: Study Abroad 101

More events sharing valuable and exclusive information are to come in the future. Click into Instagram posts on the left to learn more about what we’re doing and check us out on Facebook too!


Information about our curriculum will be announced soon!