We believe everyone has a right to choose their own education.

We are a nonprofit organization started by Taiwanese students from various foreign institutions, dedicated to helping students choose their own education. 

By providing institutional knowledge, mentorship, and a supportive community, we strive to make alternative, non-traditional college paths accessible.

Meet our team

We are a diverse community

As an organization led by students, our members come from vastly different schools covering multiple study fields. This allows us to provide help according to each applicant’s interest. More importantly, we are an international community that can provide connections worldwide!

Fiona Wu (Founder & President)

Fiona is a sophomore at Vanderbilt University studying Neuroscience and Medicine, Humanities, and the Arts. After her own stressful application experience, she started BT as part of her dedication to mental health support. Outside of BT, she enjoys good food, thrifting, writing short stories, and being artsy with Chinese calligraphy.

Angelina Su (Mentorship Director)

Angelina is a sophomore at National Taiwan University with a major in biology. With her enthusiasm for neuroscience, she wishes to become a scientist specializing in related fields. Having experiences in US college applications, she understands how exhausting it is and wants to help students as much as possible. In her free time, she enjoys playing basketball, working out, reading, and baking.

Jeremy Wu (Mentorship Advisor)

Jeremy is a sophomore at National Taiwan University studying Political Science. He is currently a player at Basketball varsity enjoying the last non-career-related thing a student can do. He believes there shouldn’t be obstacles in anyone’s education journey.

Avinash Gu (Mentorship Associate)

Avi is a senior at Chien Kuo High School looking to study business in college. During his college application, BT was his greatest influence and now he hopes to give back to the community. Besides BT, Avi is a big basketball and football fan, passionate home-cook, and a big art person.

Ginny Chien (Mentorship Associate)

Ginny is a first-year student studying history and economics at Bard College, NY. Her current main academic interests include the intersection of public policy and wealth inequality, and how data science could be combined with economic quantitative research to push towards a more equitable society. Prior to studying at Bard, she had finished high school at United World College in New Mexico. In her free time, she likes to explore museums around the city, especially the Museum of Modern Art.

Jenny Lee (Curriculum Advisor)

Jenny is a freshman at the University of Toronto studying Co-op Management and International Business. Acting as the Vice President of Beyond Taiwan, she has leadership experience in being the President of Global Leadership Organization IBSH Chapter and Co-curator of TEDx Youth@IBSH. She is someone who people describe as weird and the definition of extroverted.

Rosen Yu (College Fair Director)

Rosen is a third-year at Georgia Institute of Technology studying Electrical Engineering. She is looking forward to connecting with others through BT’s events. Outside of BT, she spends most of her time rock climbing, running, and watching anime.

Shenna Lu (College Fair Associate)

Shenna is a sophomore at the University of Rochester double majoring in Business Analytics and Financial Economics. She joins BT because she believes this is what she needed back in high school times. Things she enjoys include dancing, digital drawing, and the finance industry.

Josh Chang (College Fair Associate)

Josh is a sophomore at Purdue University majoring in Computer Engineering (and maybe) with a minor in Psychology. He is currently taking a gap semester, interning in a Taiwanese Blockchain startup, and he would love to connect with other BT members. During his leisure time, he enjoys watching Netflix, working out, and playing the piano.

Alex Cheng (College Fair Associate)

Alex is a freshman at Purdue University majoring in First-Year Engineering. He also studied at National Tsing Hua University for one year before coming to Purdue. He is looking forward to working with BT to assist high school students’ application process and loves to play sports, cook, travel, and hang out with friends in his free time.

Stephanie Cheng (Bootcamp Director)

Stephanie is a freshman at University of Southern California majoring in Business of Cinematic Arts. She is very interested in entertainment, including film, tv shows, music and books, and hoping to make a difference in the industry. She also enjoys photography and misses traveling so much!

Nicole Lu (Bootcamp Associate)

Nicole is a sophomore at National Taiwan University studying Foreign Languages and Literatures, while she also develops interests in Sociology and East Asian Studies. Passionate about exploring the world and nature, she had spent one year in Canada as a high school exchange student. In her free time, she enjoys writing, baking, cooking, and watching movies a lot.

Vivian Huang (Bootcamp Associate)

Vivian is a senior at Taipei First Girls’ who has just survived the college application process with the help of BT. She looks forward to supporting more students who need help and meeting new people. During her free time, she enjoys playing basketball, going outdoors, and reading Stephen Hawking’s books.

Coco Lien (Marketing Director)

Coco is a junior at Waseda University studying Marketing and Economics. She has an interest in social media management that she always posts food ranking on her stories. She also has a YouTube channel, where she shares her life in Japan. She has the confidence to make BT known to more people.

Charlene Huang (Marketing Associate)

Charlene is a freshman at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign interested in transferring into Computer Science + Advertising. She finds how coding and advertising can be integrated fascinating. Aside from school, she likes playing guitar and singing in her free time. Check out her YouTube channel!

Vanessa Chen (Marketing Associate)

Vanessa is a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin. She is currently undeclared but leaning towards pursuing a business major. She is passionate about experiencing different cultures and has been on multiple exchange programs in many countries, including Israel, Austria, South Korea, and the US. Besides, traveling, food adventures, and R&B music are her favorite things!

Alice Chen(Tech Director)

Alice is a sophomore at Columbia University studying Computer Science. If you’re willing to listen, she has a truck-load of advice on college apps ready to share! Other than coding all day, she also enjoys eating strawberries and binge-watching movies.

Roy Hsu (Tech Associate)

Roy is a freshman at National Tsing Hua University majoring in material science and engineering. Having failed at US college application, he now tries to help out future applicants by applying his specialties in STEM. Other than that Roy is an astronomy nerd and loves to play football.

Andrew Yang (Tech Associate)

Andrew is a senior at Chien Kuo High School looking to study engineering and business in college. He is planning the graduation prom next semester along with learning new engineering and coding knowledge and applying them to BT tech projects. In his free time, Andrew loves basketball, Netflix and is picking up guitar and digital arts.

Samuel Wang (Treasurer)

Samuel is a fresher at Imperial College London studying Electronics and Information Engineering. He has a passion for building software and aspires to break into finance as an algorithmic trader. When he’s not fretting over his coursework, you can find him roaming the South bank of the Thames on a sunny afternoon.

Emily Neumeyer (Publishing Intern)

Emily is a senior at Taipei First Girls’ and plans on studying Biochemistry in the US. Now that she finished applying, she spends her time working on environmental protection with Unplastify, learning German, playing guitar, and reading lots of books. She bakes a lot (send her recipes!), and also loves exploring outdoors with friends on hikes and runs.