About Charlotte

I’m Charlotte Lee, currently doing my second year of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) in King’s College London. PPE is an interdisciplinary program that is especially provided by British higher education system, and it not only contains individual studies of each subject, it also provides inter-connected modules between these wonderful fields of studies. It’s also a great pathway to a law career. PPE allows you to experience all kinds of varieties unlike pure law, but at the same time equips you with profound capabilities for future studies or jobs. 

I graduated from Taipei First Girls High School in 2019 doing the Social Science and Humanity Talented Program, specialized in civics education. Although it might seem rare and unconventional for a Taiwanese public high school students to proceed to a British university, I sincerely believe that the United Kingdom is a brilliant place for higher education, especially for the ones who wish to major in fields such as social science or humanities subjects. 

I’m strongly interested in the studies of International Relations and Political Science (an ex-MUNer who has been chairing over 10 conferences, both internationally and domestically). I aspire to be in service for international governmental organizations or Taiwanese domestic government. I’m also enthusiastic about writing articles regarding political affairs and conducting political analysis. To fulfill my enthusiasm, I formed a media platform, the Mockingjay, for those who share the same interest as me to publish their articles. 

I’m a cat-lover and is currently devoted with all my heart to Lily, the little cat princess in my home. I enjoy political discussions and debates for day, and drinking for night. 


FB: Charlotte Lee

IG: heyimcharley


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